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i just finished the whole series but i don't understand anything at all...


Thank you for your interest in the series and your feedback!

I will post an update of the first game tomorrow to make it simpler, I recommend you to play it!

If you can be more precise on what you didn't understand, I will be able to improve the games even more :)

so there was a story! i felt like something was missing lol

i will play the update and i hope i understand because i never see games like these at all...

btw can you give me the source code? i know you'd be questioning why do i need it...
but i actually love making games and things like that but my laptop is so low on specs
so i make games with the cmd or the "command prompt"...

I hope you enjoy the update! Unfortunately, I cannot give you the source code, although, I can help you create something similar if you want, just send me a message!

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ok i understand but that'd be awesome if you help me! if you have discord add me Wolfie#7196

i joined your discord server